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Dr. Goose's Holistic
Tie Dye etc...

Good stuff for your mind and body!!

Dr. Goose's Sitemap!!

"Catalog and Shopping Cart!!!"

Welcome to the home of

Dr. Goose's Holistic Tie Dye etc.

"Catalog and Shopping Cart!!!"

We have an interesting array of cool hippie art and hippie craft products to help soothe the mind and body.
From the world renown "Dr. Goose's Holistic Sleep Shirts" to the innovative "Prayer Stone or Worry Rock", and for your canine pet, the fashionable "Doggy Danny", we are here to channel positive energy towards your physical, mental and holistic spiritual health...
The "Dr. Goose's Holistic Sleep Shirt" is a 100% natural fiber T or tank, most are a heavy duty 6.1oz cotton material made by Hanes (Beefy-T), Gildan, or Oneita, that have been dyed in a pattern to channel energy directly into body's center. Note the swirl over the left breast area to channel energy directly into ones heart (for more information, click the Products/Services button to the left).

The fantastic canine "Doggy Danny". A stylish, colorful bandanna for your best buddy!!! A single layer triangular shape for easy tie on. One size fits most - I mean, I don't think your St. Bernard will feel cool with a bandanna -- it's already got a barrel of whisky strapped on, but your Lab, or Poodle, or Chihuahua will love one.... Can be made in sets for those of us with two or more doggies.... If you need a set of 2,3,4,5 send us a special order request and we'll dye them up for you. Just let us know!! We'll be doing other dog clothes as well!!!

The innovative "Prayer Stone or Worry Rock" is a product to assist you through the day to day tribulations of life. Polished Stones or Polished Rocks from Rivers throughout the world, carry it in your pocket as a representative piece of earth, which will channel positive energy to the carrier. Rub it with your fingers when the mood strikes and center your energy. Meditate on that energy and you can find relaxation!!
Put it on your coffee table, dresser, or nightstand to have that energy centered in the room of your choice!!!
The earth has the power. Get your piece and experience that energy!!

Dr. Goose also does baby clothes, pants, hats, shorts, Hawaiian shirts, pillow cases and other natural fiber items.
The airbrush application is being tested for Ball caps.
Sheet sets are doable but extremely labor intensive so contact us about pricing for sheets.
There is an important side benefit to dealing with Dr. Goose's Holistic Tie Dye etc.. We believe in green. We will make donations to charities when you purchase Dr. Goose's Holistic Tie Dye etc. products!! Both green organizations and organizations that feed the homeless and hungry. Click the Other Stuff button for more information!!

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